Place Santé is a Parapharmacy chain where you can find non-prescription drugs, skincare and hair products, food supplements, childcare, orthopedics and oral hygiene.

We are a 100% Portuguese company. The first store was opened in 2000 at the Spacio Shopping Centre, in Olivais – Lisbon under the name “QE”. It was considered an innovation, being the first parapharmacy in a shopping center in Portugal. Three years later, in 2003, the Place Santé brand was born.

Our customers have been trusting us for the last 20 years. We know most of them by their name and it is a reward to see that they know our staff personally. At Place Santé, our customers are placed first.

We are proud of our specialized, experienced and personalized services and those who seek us, know that they can benefit from a highly specialized advice and a wide product range. Customers are constantly updated on new releases and samples are provided to stimulate the adoption of new and better products. We also promote specific diagnose actions, such as skin and capillary diagnosis.

We select the best sustainable brands, built on the highest technology standards. Formulas that respect the oceans and our environment and that use ingredients from sustainable cultures is, for us, a priority. Currently, Place Santé offers more than 9,000 products, distributed by 280 of the most prestigious international and national brands.

By continuously watching the launch of new brands and increasing our portfolio through the selection of innovative and more effective galenic formulations, we fulfill the needs of customers and provide better results.

Our mission is to be the first consumer elected parapharmacy, for the confidence and advice of those who seek us and for the contribution we make to a better and more conscious world. Queremos contribuir para um mundo melhor e mais consciente. A formação contínua é um dos pilares da Place Santé.

For those who visit us frequently, the Place Santé costumer card is a benefit. Our customers' loyalty is rewarded with discounts and access to exclusive promotional campaigns..

Our stores are registered at Infarmed (Portuguese Health Authority) and each of them has a technician with a degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences. Because training is one of the pillars of Place Santé, you will find our staff highly qualified. With a team of 30 professionals, each one eager to provide the best service and advice, Place Santé makes a difference. You can find Place Santé in Lisbon, at Amoreiras Shopping, Saldanha Residence and Spacio Shopping. The store at Amoreiras Shopping is the most emblematic of all and a national reference.

Place Santé offers a unique concept of space dedicated to health and beauty, experimentation, learning and exclusivity, which is distinguished by the wide range of products, personalized service and experience accumulated over 20 years. All of this justifies our customers' trust.

Place Santé will always be with you!